What is cyber insurance?

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Twitter has experienced problems this week. Could it happen to you? What happens when your website is hacked or your e-commerce platforms compromised? Does your theft or loss of income insurance kick in?

The answer is that all three are unlikely yet there is something you can do to . Modern risks can be covered by contemporary insurance policies. Ever heard of cyber liability? It is an emerging form of cover designed to protect businesses in the virtual World.

The cover is designed to fill gaps in traditional policies where, typically, a claim is paid if physical damage of some sort occurs. Episodes such as hacking, viruses and hijacking of websites, attacks to steal credit card and other private information or attempted diversion of funds can be included. You can find cover for legal costs following harassment or libel too.

Once you apply for cover the underwriter will help you review your security systems and processes giving you an overview of your systems and its weaknesses. Gaps will need to be plugged within predetermined periods in order for cover to apply.

Top Tip: If you rely on your website for orders or payments you should check your security. Both income and reputation can be seriously affected if damage occurs.

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